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Society for indigenous education envisions a world where communities are free and able to use their local and indigenous knowledges.

ራእያችን ህዝቦች ሃገርበቀል እውቀቶቻቸውንና ልምዶቻቸውን በነጻነት ለመጠቀም የሚችሉባትን አለም ማየት ነው።


Our mission is to work with communities to reimagine, recreate and reinterpret the world using their own experiences.

We call for an end to the use of colonial languages in education where the majority of the population doesn’t speak those languages. We advocate for the preservation and repatriation of spiritual, cultural and intellectual heritage based on full participation of affected communities. We call for an end to the commercialisation of cultures and the destruction of the environment.

Relevant Education

Relevant education emanates from peoples’ lived experiences, inherited wisdoms and traditions. We focus on what gives communities life, a sense of belonging and dignity, and on the importance of their languages in education


The environment is a living system where life is reproduced. As many indigenous communities all over the world believe, Mother Earth is a living being imbued with sanctity, agency, and self-regeneration. It is a home for past, present and emerging generations, and life systems.


Heritage includes living memories, sacred entities and objects of communality. They are more than museum artefacts; they bind communities historically, spiritually and culturally.

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